I am Angelique Grimm, I’m famous for my tattoo animals world widely and I decided to share my experience for the first time. I am tattooing since 7 years now, I’m a self taught artist and I’m here to show that you can learn a lot by yourself with strong bases.

You can always learn and go further. I learnt a lot by myself as a tattoo artist, my formation in a shop was not the best one and I had to cope on my own. I met a lot of tattoo artist from different countries who shared their experience with me and I built myself with all this knowledge. Now, I’m ready to share it with other people. This workshop is devoted to each person who wants to perform and be better in black and grey realism. I try to use simple words to be understandable as much as possible.

Through this formation, I explain all the process: How to make your stencil, which material I use and my tattoos are filmed from A to Z in real time with 2 different angles, nothing is cut, you will see everything and I indicate which needles and ink I use all the way long.

I am 100% transparent, all my tattoos are explained and commented. I selected 4 different tattoos for this formation: A tiger, a leopard, an octopus and a dog. I wanted to show four different animals and so to show different technics.

Some of my work