MODULE 9: Full pack

The complet Workshop

70 hours of video

With this pack, you have a discount of 35% in regards to the purchase the four videos one by one, which makes 600 USD discount.

That full pack gives you the access to all my training courses, the dog, the octopus, the leopard, the fox, the cat, the owl,the lion and the tiger which is exclusive to the pack.

It’s a total of 70 hours of training video which will teach you lots of different techniques like how to make short or long hair, how to make realistic eyes,  tongues, nose, how to make a drop of water, how to realize an underwater landscape, learn how to make different textures and many other things.

All this tattoos has been filmed from A to Z with no cuts in real time and I explain what I’m doing at the same time. I give all my technical advices.

You will also have access to all the stencil’s videos, a camera is filming also from A to Z the stencil and I explain all the process and why I’m doing so special stencils and you will know all the materials that I use in each end of videos.


What you will learn with this full pack video content:

 – How to make long and short hairs textures

 – How to do water reflexions and nuances

 – How to do shiny effects like on the nose and tongue

 – How to play with depth 

 – How to create shadows in function of your main subject

 – How to give life to your eyes

 – How to do an undersea landscape

 – How to make octopus skin and wrinkles textures

 – How to make transitions between your nuances

 – How to make Feathers textures

 – How to make a Waterfall

 – How to make small fruits, leaves and pine cones

HOW it workS :

This is really easy. Once you ordered the video or the full pack, you will receive a link to download within 48 hours with a unique Copyright. It means that this video/fullpack belongs to you and can watch it where you want without limitation of time. 

What is included ?

This Workshop provides 70 hours of real-time tattooing of a leopard, tiger, octopus,cat,lion,owl,fox and dog with technical explanations. 

You will known all about animal tattoo portraits.