Learn how to tattoo leopard


Lear How to make a leopard and a water drop effect

This tattoo was really complex. You have the leopard and the drop of water with its reflexion. Different technics are used in this tattoo: shadows, fur, textures, shiny effects… This video lasts 8 hours and a half, the stencil and the tattoo are filmed from A to Z in real time, no cuts. You will see all my technics, how I do my fur effects, how I do my eyes and everything.

You will know at each moment, what kind of needles and ink I use.

I give all my advices and explain step by step all the process, using simple words, to be understandable by everyone.

What you will learn with this video content:

– How to make small hairs textures

– How to make water nuances

– How to proceed with shadows around your main subject

– How to do details in eyes

HOW it works:

This is really easy. Once you ordered the video or the full pack, you will receive a link to download within 48 hours with a unique Copyright. It means that this video/fullpack belongs to you and can watch it where you want without limitation of time. 

What is included ?

This Workshop provides 8 hours and a half of real-time tattooing of a leopard with technical explanations