learn how to do realistic dog tattoo

Module 1 : Realistic Dog


I had to make a module on dog’s portraits because this is considered as my speciality.

I think I’ve done 150 to 200 portraits of dogs of all species, all types of hair and color nuances on customers all over the world.

In this module, I will teach you how I realize my different hairs effects: long, short, sharped or blurry.
At each moment, you will know which needles I use and which ink. I explain why I use one needle rather than another, how I press on the skin and with what voltage.

What you will learn with this video content:

 – How to make small and long hairs textures

 – How to work with shiny effects like for the nose and tongue

 – How to do details in eyes

 – How to work your transitions between different hairs nuances

HOW it workS:

This is really easy. Once you ordered the video or the full pack, you will receive a link to download within 48 hours with a unique Copyright. It means that this video/fullpack belongs to you and can watch it where you want without limitation of time. 

What is included ?

This Workshop  provides almost 7 hours of real-time tattooing of a leopard with technical explanations

Some extracts from the workshop