Learn how to do realistic tiger


Learn how tattoo a TIGER


I choose this example of tiger for this formation because of his face, chest and paws. Different technics in one tattoo. Tigers are one of the most wanted subject in the tattoo industry, I even don’t remember how much tigers I’ve done but I think that knowing how to tattoo a realistic tiger is a major advantage.

This tattoo is the longest one of the whole pack but you will have it from A to Z as for all the tattoos of this formation.

I teach you how to make this furry effect and the shadow around. How to make your contrasts, why should you use this needle instead of one other.

After this complete workshop, tigers won’t have anymore secrets for you. This video lasts 9 hours, the stencil and the tattoo are filmed from A to Z in real time, no cuts. 

What you will learn with this video content:

 – How to work different hairs textures

 – How to do realistic eyes

 – How to make shadows around your main subject

 – How to do face, chest and paws of a tiger

This workshop is only available with the full pack. It is not available alone

HOW it works :

This is really easy. Once you ordered the video or the full pack, you will receive a link to download within 48 hours with a unique Copyright. It means that this video/fullpack belongs to you and can watch it where you want without limitation of time. 

What is included ?

This Workshop  provides 9 hours of real-time tattooing of a tiger with technical explanation

Some extracts from the workshop